Spill på nett og vinn penger. Slik fungerer nettcasino!

It just gets more and more popular to play casino games on the net, and the Norwegians are at the forefront. We do not get enough of online casinos. But how really works online casino, and what you need to think about before you get started? Read our quick guide to online casino gaming!




Online Casino

You might not think about it much, but the Internet has changed our lives dramatically. It is not many years since most games were played on the software that we have to feed into the computer via floppy disks or CD-ROMs. Today is no longer the computer that it once was, we use the more and more our mobile devices to hook us on the web and playing. Cell phones have become small computers, and thanks to technological developments, it is possible to be connected to the grid, so to speak 24 hours a day regardless of whether one is at home, on the street, at the lodge - yes, even on many planes, without one gets ruined because of that. The Internet is like a kind of parallel universe that we are connected all the time, and judgment gives us everything we need for information and entertainment. Including games!


Kasino eWallet uttak


Play online free 

Our clear recommendation to all sounds: Play online for free in the beginning! It's incredibly easy to get started with absolutely standard free play. For, yes, it is quite possible to play casino games for free online. Most online casino has in fact two versions of most games. One of them is the regular version where you bet and win, for real money. The second is the free version of the game. In most cases you do not need to download either the app or other software to play. This is because most casino uses so-called Flash technology. So the whole thing is just a matter of letting the mouse arrow moves over the game you want to play and click on the "play for free" button. It's that simple. In the vast majority of casino you therefore need not even register, but this can vary from casino to casino.


Play online win money!

When we first talk about this by playing casino games for free, it is appropriate also to mention we think more players should consider playing for real money. We do not mean that you should risk money you can not, or force anyone to play on real if they really just want to play. But we also know that many actually want to test out the play of true, yet are fearful of taking the plunge. That is why we would like to inform a little about exactly what awaits you if you choose to play on the real.



The first thing you should be aware of is that you simply do not need to insert particularly large amount in order to play. Most casino has fairly low payment limits and it completely typical is around fifteen to twenty Euro, that is about two hundred million. You can deposit money in a variety of ways. Most like to use one of their regular credit card. We are talking about either a debit card or a credit card that your bank has issued to you. If you use such a card made payment quickly, and you can get started with playing within minutes. But there are alternatives.



And among the best options we find the so-called eWallet. This is in many ways a kind of banking service that receives money from you that you can then use on the web. The advantage is that you create a buffer zone between your regular bank account and the information you provide online. Let us explain a little further.

With a debit card purchases you have direct access to the amount of money at any time is left on your account. But with an eWallet you need to put money on the card before you can use it. So this is already a good safety buffer for any fraudulent activity. But what really is good with eWallet is that you do not give the casino or gaming site information on the card, for this is in most cases processed eWalletens own site.



Kron example of this is PayPal. To make a payment by PayPal transfers the casino you to PayPal's own pages, and there are simply enter your own password. So checking PayPal hvo0r much money you have in your account, and if the amount covers the sum to pay, yes when the payment is in order and you are returned to the casino, which then create your own personal casino account with a corresponding amount. So easy and safe it is indeed!

Sure, there are eWallet which you must enter your card number for online casino without the detour via eWallet, but since the card is only exposed to the amount you insert the card chances are incredibly small for anyone to be able to abuse your data. If you are concerned with one hundred percent security is still a third possibility, which is to transfer money from your regular bank account to the online casino. The disadvantage of this is that it typically takes three to five days.



So there you have it! So there are many ways you can easily and safely can register and insert a small amount that you can play and have fun for. Begin with your little free play to see if you can find a casino (and a game) you really like, and when this is in order, only to plunge! Do not forget that the most important choice you make is which casino you choose to play on, so read up well in advance. If you are interested in reading more about our top choice for online casino please click here . Do not forget to check out the bonuses you can arrange yourself by reading our article on the best casino bonuses.